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At a early age, Morgan went to both piano- and vocaltraining. Very early, his goal in life was to work with music. Inspired by his vocalteacher Charles Devau, Morgan started as a singer and keyboardist in various bands when he was 18 years old.

1988-1990 he went back to the musicschool and studied at the Jazzinstitute of Malmö before he went out on the roads again with the last band he was a part of, Valhalla. A successfull cover- and showband for many years, and when he had been a member for 5 years, something new was waiting for him.

2001 he left the band for being a full-time musician on his own as a pianoentertainer. Until today he has been touring all over the world. From the Northern Countries all the way to Caribbiean. 
Morgan loves what he's doing for living. With a large repertoire (everything from Elton John, to Queen to the latest hits today), he offers you a one-man-band that is perfect for all kinds of events. Corporate events, pianobars, restaurants, wedding - take your pick.  

For contact and booking, go to CONTACT.

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